Icicle Swizzles for Your Snowy Tea Party

Holy Cabin Fever!  NJ has had more snow this January than all of last winter.  (that is, cialis according to the number of Aleve I’ve taken for my aching back from shoveling)    And January’s still go 8 days left!  Arg, order must get out of this house.

Well, advice I’ve got just the remedy for those of you with Toddlers.  Get bundled up and go outside for a Snowy Tea Party in the playhouse.  If you don’t have a playhouse, how about a snow cave? Perhaps a thatched hut?  Even a piece of plywood leaned up against a tree makes for a nice winter cover.

Items You’ll Need:

  • Tea Set
  • Pretend Tea
  • Pretend Milk
  • Pretend Sugar
  • Real Icicles (for swizzles)

Icicles are Cool.

::: SlideShow – Icicle Tea Party :::

Icicle Swizzles for Your Snowy Tea Party